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Add notes from U Tokyo LC generator group meeting

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WK -> Script for splitting string in system_dependencies.f90 is broken
WK -> After complete run, pack all files needed for reproducing results
reuse the grids?
WK -> Sindarin commands on the command line possible? Probably ok.
WK -> Whizard called as library, initialize and produce single events
SB -> [Akiya] 6f production openMP no speedup beyond 2-4 cores (tested until 20core)
WK -> [Tim] gamma gamma -> hadrons (dummy process + event transform)
External matrix elements as user plugin: documentation?
WK -> Preset BRs for Higgs (in simulations w/ Higgs decay enabled)
-> [Philipp] 8f for LC needs QCD production / gluons
so matching/merging will be required out of the box
-> March meeting should decide about this for mass production
WK -> EPA (eeff prod.): pT kick of electrons should be limited
double counting AA->ff vs. eeff
-> Process e+e- -> q qbar
ISR switched on
comparison 1 vs 2 fails (W2 has much less events near max energy!)
-> Cut definitions in MB's sindarin
vs. W1 default cuts.
Fixed official files ?
-> Process numeric run ID
-> Parameters in Event header (mail by Frank)
-> Sindarin script in event file / run header
-> particle status codes:
0 = empty
1 = stable
2 = real but decayed
3 = doc
4 = incoming or beam
5 = outgoing parton of the hard process
[stable ones have to be copied with stat=1]
[added ISR photons are not part of the hard process]
-> run number and event number for each event
-> user offset for the event counter
-> Polarization in LCIO
cartesian vector assumed (spin 1/2), but actually only helicity stored
w/ correlations: can still be defined
Whizard always generates helicity, but also offers complete spin
& everything is stored in LCIO
-> unit test
-> Rescan HepMC and convert to LCIO
-> Tau decays are in Pythia 8
Unclear whether P8 will be actually used
-> Pythia py4frm interface (Tim's code for W1) ?
Different multiplicities of hadrons in 4f production (W1 vs W2)
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