Commit ab7e9b10 authored by Juergen Reuter's avatar Juergen Reuter
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e455d0c Merge branch '430-vamp-equivalences-for-nlo-pp-processes' into 'master'

parent 31346a42
......@@ -12201,8 +12201,8 @@ We adjust the maximum number of bins [[n_bins_max]] according to [[n_calls]]
dest = c
src = eq%c
n_dim_perm = size (eq%perm)
perm(dim_offset+1:n_dim_perm) = eq%perm + dim_offset
mode(dim_offset+1:n_dim_perm) = eq%mode
perm(dim_offset+1:dim_offset+n_dim_perm) = eq%perm + dim_offset
mode(dim_offset+1:dim_offset+n_dim_perm) = eq%mode
call mci%equivalences%set_equivalence &
(i, dest, src, perm, mode)
end associate
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