Commit 98850e87 authored by Juergen Reuter's avatar Juergen Reuter
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7bc54e2 Merge branch 'fix_photo_rec' into 'master'

parent e12bd893
......@@ -4317,14 +4317,15 @@ that have been constructed by FastJet and its interface.
allocate (del_rij (n), i_sortr (n))
do i = 1, n
del_rij(i) = eta_phi_distance(prt_get_momentum (prt), &
prt_get_momentum (subevt%prt(i)))
prt_get_momentum (pl%prt(i)))
end do
i_sortr = order (del_rij)
call subevt_reset (subevt, pl%n_active)
do i = 1, n
if (i == i_sortr(n)) then
if (del_rij (i_sortr (n)) <= reco_r0 .and. mask1) then
pdg_orig = prt_get_pdg (subevt%prt (i_sortr (n)))
call prt_combine (prt_comb, prt, subevt%prt(i_sortr (n)), ok)
pdg_orig = prt_get_pdg (pl%prt (i_sortr (n)))
call prt_combine (prt_comb, prt, pl%prt(i_sortr (n)), ok)
if (ok) then
subevt%prt(i_sortr (n)) = prt_comb
if (keep_flv) call prt_set_pdg &
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