Commit 734852d3 authored by Juergen Reuter's avatar Juergen Reuter
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3064893 Merge branch '419-ufo-sanitize-fortran-module-names' into 'master'

parent 211ca9ea
......@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ Use svn log to see detailed changes.
Version 3.0.0+
Bug fix: prevent invalid code for UFO models containing hyphens
UFO files with scientific notation float constants allowed
UFO files: max. n-arity of vertices bound by process multiplicity
......@@ -2946,7 +2946,8 @@ diagrams, at least in the testsuite.
char (restrictions_string), char (diagrams_string), &
char (writer%extra_options), char (write_phs_output_string)
type is (omega_ufo_writer_t)
parameter_module = char (id) // "_par_" // char (writer%model_name)
parameter_module = char (id) // "_par_" // replace (char (writer%model_name), &
"-", "_", every=.true.)
write (unit, "(5A)") char (id), ".f90: ", char (parameter_module), ".lo"
if (.not. verbose) then
write (unit, "(5A)") TAB // '@echo " OMEGA[UFO]', trim (char (id)), '.f90"'
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