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......@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ Use svn log to see detailed changes.
Version 3.0.1+
NLO (QCD) differential distributions supported for full
lepton collider setup: polarization, QED ISR, beamstrahlung
SINDARIN now has a sum and product function of expressions,
SINDARIN supports observables defined on full (sub)events
......@@ -1667,18 +1667,30 @@ first factor in the convolution. Otherwise, use the final interaction
of the stored [[sf_chain]], after creating an intermediate interaction
that includes a correlated color state. We assume that for a
caller-provided [[int]], this is not necessary.
For fixed-order NLO differential distribution, we are interested at
the partonic level, no parton showering takes place as this would
demand for a proper matching. So, the flows in the [[connected_state]]
are not needed, and the color part will be masked for the interaction
coming from the [[sf_chain]]. The squared matrix elements coming from
the OLP provider at the moment do not come with flows anyhow. This
needs to be revised once the matching to the shower is completed.
<<Parton states: connected state: TBP>>=
procedure :: setup_connected_flows => connected_state_setup_connected_flows
<<Parton states: procedures>>=
subroutine connected_state_setup_connected_flows &
(state, isolated, int, resonant, qn_filter_conn)
(state, isolated, int, resonant, qn_filter_conn, mask_color)
class(connected_state_t), intent(inout), target :: state
type(isolated_state_t), intent(in), target :: isolated
type(interaction_t), intent(in), optional, target :: int
logical, intent(in), optional :: resonant
logical, intent(in), optional :: resonant, mask_color
type(quantum_numbers_t), intent(in), optional :: qn_filter_conn
type(quantum_numbers_mask_t) :: mask
type(quantum_numbers_mask_t), dimension(:), allocatable :: mask_sf
type(interaction_t), pointer :: src_int
logical :: mask_c
mask_c = .false.
if (present (mask_color)) mask_c = mask_color
mask = quantum_numbers_mask (.false., .false., .true.)
if (present (int)) then
src_int => int
......@@ -1687,6 +1699,11 @@ caller-provided [[int]], this is not necessary.
call state%flows_sf%init_color_contractions (src_int)
state%has_flows_sf = .true.
src_int => state%flows_sf%interaction_t
if (mask_c) then
allocate (mask_sf (src_int%get_n_tot ()))
mask_sf = quantum_numbers_mask (.false., .true., .false.)
call src_int%reduce_state_matrix (mask_sf, keep_order = .true.)
end if
end if
call state%flows%init_product (src_int, isolated%flows, mask, &
qn_filter_conn = qn_filter_conn, &
......@@ -12980,12 +12997,20 @@ and summed over color and helicity. They should not be squared again.
class(prc_core_t), intent(in) :: core
class(model_data_t), intent(in), target :: model
integer :: n_in
logical :: mask_color
type(quantum_numbers_mask_t), dimension(:), allocatable :: mask_in
n_in = term%int_hard%get_n_in ()
allocate (mask_in (n_in))
mask_in = term%k_term%sf_chain%get_out_mask ()
call setup_isolated (term%isolated, core, model, mask_in, term%config%col)
call setup_connected (term%connected, term%isolated, term%nlo_type)
select type (pcm_instance => term%pcm_instance)
type is (pcm_instance_nlo_t)
mask_color = pcm_instance%is_fixed_order_nlo_events ()
class default
mask_color = .false.
end select
call setup_connected (term%connected, term%isolated, core, &
term%nlo_type, mask_color)
subroutine setup_isolated (isolated, core, model, mask, color)
type(isolated_state_t), intent(inout), target :: isolated
......@@ -13000,14 +13025,17 @@ and summed over color and helicity. They should not be squared again.
class default
call isolated%setup_square_matrix (core, model, mask, color)
end select
!!! TODO (PS-09-10-20) We should not square the flows if they come from BLHA either
!!! TODO (PS-09-10-20) We should not square the flows
!!! if they come from BLHA either
call isolated%setup_square_flows (core, model, mask)
end subroutine setup_isolated
subroutine setup_connected (connected, isolated, nlo_type)
subroutine setup_connected (connected, isolated, core, nlo_type, mask_color)
type(connected_state_t), intent(inout), target :: connected
type(isolated_state_t), intent(in), target :: isolated
integer :: nlo_type
class(prc_core_t), intent(in) :: core
integer, intent(in) :: nlo_type
logical, intent(in) :: mask_color
type(quantum_numbers_mask_t), dimension(:), allocatable :: mask
call connected%setup_connected_matrix (isolated)
if (term%nlo_type == NLO_VIRTUAL .or. (term%nlo_type == NLO_REAL &
......@@ -13023,7 +13051,13 @@ and summed over color and helicity. They should not be squared again.
end if
call term%init_interaction_qn_index (core, connected%matrix, 0, model, &
is_polarized = .false.)
call connected%setup_connected_flows (isolated)
select type (core)
class is (prc_blha_t)
call connected%setup_connected_flows &
(isolated, mask_color = mask_color)
class default
call connected%setup_connected_flows (isolated)
end select
call connected%setup_state_flv (isolated%get_n_out ())
end subroutine setup_connected
end subroutine term_instance_setup_event_data
......@@ -12809,7 +12809,7 @@ end module evaluators
The evaluator contains an array of [[pairing_array]] objects. This
makes up the multiplication table.
Each pairing array contains two list of matrix element indices and a
Each pairing array contains two lists of matrix element indices and a
list of numerical factors. The matrix element indices correspond to
the input interactions. The corresponding matrix elements are to be
multiplied and optionally multiplied by a factor. The results are
......@@ -13643,7 +13643,6 @@ assignments remain fixed from now on.
allocate (qn_mask_in(2)%mask (int_in2%get_n_tot ()))
qn_mask_in(1)%mask = int_in1%get_mask ()
qn_mask_in(2)%mask = int_in2%get_mask ()
call connection_table_init (connection_table, &
state_in1, state_in2, &
qn_mask_conn_initial, &
......@@ -13666,7 +13665,6 @@ assignments remain fixed from now on.
prt_is_connected, connections_are_resonant)
call connection_table_final (connection_table)
if (eval%get_n_matrix_elements () == 0) then
print *, "Evaluator product"
print *, "First interaction"
......@@ -11176,15 +11176,6 @@ var list by the global var list.
call entry%connect_qcd ()
select type (pcm => process_instance%pcm)
class is (pcm_instance_nlo_t)
select type (config => pcm%config)
type is (pcm_nlo_t)
if (config%settings%fixed_order_nlo) &
call pcm%set_fixed_order_event_mode ()
end select
end select
if (present (global)) then
call entry%connect (process_instance, local%model, global%process_stack)
......@@ -11265,6 +11256,8 @@ does not affect parameters.
type is (pcm_nlo_t)
if (.not. config%settings%combined_integration) &
call pcm%set_radiation_event ()
if (config%settings%fixed_order_nlo) &
call pcm%set_fixed_order_event_mode ()
end select
end select
call process%prepare_any_external_code ()
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